Monday, November 30, 2009

So they were wrong after all...

"Chelsea's gonna lose. There's a thin line that differs the champions, the invincibles and the rising young talents. Yes, it is significant, but this Arsenal is not the same team that we had seen all these years back then. 2-0 to The Gunners."

-Some pundits.

"Domestic referees cannot do their job well. The don't have the required fitness to match the players' pace. They miss lot of things on the field. Hence, we were denied few penalties. We lose a lot of points just because of that. I think that referees in the European stage are way better than in England."

-A respected manager from a well-known club.

But last week,

- Chelsea won at The Emirates against Arsenal,

- And 2 penalties were given to United, and another one to Portsmouth.

How wrong can you guys be, eh? So please lah, next time, do make a statement without any emotional judgement.

This is also why we, with Carlo Ancelotti's style, keep on silent. We used to win the title with Jose 'Motormouth' Mourinho. But this time around, we will creeply win the title.

2 orang tak puas hati:

bukan pjg said...

oi chelsea kalah..booo

Encik Akmal said...

booo.. malaysia kalah ngan vietnam. boooo