Sunday, March 6, 2011


1- He claimed himself as anak angkat of some Sultan. He put his name as "Prince something-something" under his entries. And yes, he's serious.

2- He claimed that he had read about 5000+ books since he was 7. And that excluding noveltry, buku teks sekolah, magazine, komik, etc etc. Yes, that 5000+ are only for heavy duty books! Of course, he's serious.

3- He even put an entry, pleading from his bapak angkat to transfer him RM800,000,000.00. Awesome money, and he seriously meant it.

4- He said he has an IQ of 248/300. (Albert Einstein was 276/300, perse). Yes, seriously!

5- The most funny part is: HE'S SERIOUSLY FEEDING THE TROLL!!!

One advice, dude. This is all wrong!

Damn man, you've just made my day, but at the same time I have empathy for you.

P/s: Gua malas bagi link. Cari sendiri ye. Y 50 53Ri0u5???

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